Why Propeller?

“Isn’t it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so that we could discover them.” -Orville Wright in a letter to a friend after the first tests of their propeller design.

Hand carved from spruce using a hatchet and a draw knife, the propeller on the Wrights’ 1903 Flyer was the innovation that etched the brothers into history. It provided the power and the forward lift that let them leave the earth and their competition behind.

Propeller can give your organization that same kind of advantage. We bring the creativity, the insight, and the experience needed to take you to the next level, and we can help provide the strategic vision necessary to climb even higher. Specializing in breakthrough thinking with an eye always on the horizon, Propeller can be your difference maker and together we’ll chart the course for your organizations rise to greatness.

In addition to taking your organization to new heights Propeller speaks the bi-lingual language of philanthropy and asset management — bringing the two together to accomplish impact.

Focus on your experience and qualifications

We will help you focus on your expertise and ideas. Your partner, Michelle specializes in aligning an organization’s mission with revenue, impact and strategic partnerships. Propeller combines business acumen with non-profit fund development and management to create ways to help organizations diversify their funding strategies. Her experience in corporate banking and PR allows her to craft stories that are appealing to both data driven decision-making corporations and qualitative and quantitative private investors. Ms. Hoexum has always been a relationship builder, organizing teams that exceeded revenue goals. Her revolutionary approach to non-profit sustainability and system change has deep roots in second stage, growth companies, economic development frameworks and investment impact models.


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