Edward Lowe Foundation

Was recruited to join the national team as they expanded their offerings. As a certified Economic Gardening Team Leader, we work with companies across the country and from all industries and markets to identify qualified sales leads that lead to growth and increased revenue generation. The program in Michigan is in conjunction with MEDC and other economic development companies country wide. A team of specialists answers the questions presented for greatest impact within the constructs of a dedicated framework build on new sciences and systems thinking. Companies engaging in this program get the benefit of a team of research specialists providing data for growth strategy decision making.

As a team leader for the program, the role is to identify the core strategies, market dynamics and innovations that will lead to the greatest revenue growth and sales leads.

Due to this engagement, Michelle became part of the beta testing team for a soon to be released program called System for Integrated Growth (SIG) that will use components from business model canvas, and value chain proposition to identify key operations that need support for business growth.