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I have been told it’s not easy to understand what I do these days. So thank you for your interest in this professional story share – an attempt to explain.

Six years ago, an entrepreneurial journey began. Propeller was born. Its mission was to help start-ups and non-profits build a better business model.

There was a vision to bring together philanthropy and investments, having worked in both industries the silo that existed seemed counterproductive. Make extractive returns so you could give more to charity? Why not have these things work in tandem? What if business ownership and development could make living wages and dignity possible for all? Propeller had a mission to work with social enterprises. Businesses that put the interests of people and planet ahead of shareholder gain.

In the summer of 2019, Angela Barbash, the founder of Revalue, asked, what family foundations in the $10-50m+ range were interested in doing impact investing but didn’t have the resources to launch? Would Propeller be interested in developing these relationships for Revalue. The answer was and is YES! Since then, innovation has abounded in their delivery model and relationships.

Revalue is a registered investment advisor (RIA), and socially-responsible investment firm. Building and managing investment portfolios for its clients’ to make the world a better place. Here is why its different than most investment advisors…

  • Revalue works with both accredited and non accredited investors. Clients making their first dollar investment up to $100m in net worth.
  • Direct Community Capital. Assisting clients with investments, after receiving due diligence, in social enterprises and mission driven organizations. This kind of investment service is unlike most in the industry. It’s regenerative finance at its finest.
  • Policy impact. Bringing change to investing on a national level with policy changes like crowdfunding and the definition of an accredited investor.

Last year brought so many advances. A partnership was established with Graystone Consulting, the institutional advisors of Morgan Stanley for mutual benefit. A first of its kind collaborative community investing Cohort launched for all investors. A pay what you value pricing plan for the on-boarding of the Cohort and the Resiliency Plan, proprietary financial planning for impact investors.

What is valued most is the exhilarating client work that makes this home feel like family. It would be fantastic to connect and hear about your dreams for the new year. Please let me know if you have any questions or stories to share. I invite you to join Revalue here or here or follow these social channels. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN

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